Подобрать однокоренные слова:весенний,надомница,чистилище,соплеменник,бесперебойно

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Назовите крупное травоядное животное с длинной шерстью сохранившая на острове гренландия до ледникового периода


Помогите решить задание по тригонометрии пожалуйста!корень из трех cosx - 1/2sinx =cos3x


Какие виды демократии существуют ? чем они различаются?


Сжмите текст до 5-6 предложенийThe groups and individuals that representwhat is known as the anti-globalisationmovement began in the late twentieth-century. Their purpose was to combat theobalisation of corporate economic activity and: prevent the free trade among nations thatght result from such activity.Members of the anti-globalisation movementave generally seeked to protect the worlds;pulation and ecosystem from what they believe: be the damaging effects of globalisation,jpport for human rights is another cornerstonecthe anti-globalisation movements platform,-ey advocate for labor rights, environmentalism,= Tiinism, freedom of migration, preservation ofe cultures of indigenous peoples, biodiversity,. tural diversity, food safety, and ending oreforming capitalism. The movement itselfeludes diverse and som etim es opposing- losophies of the globalisation process, andcorporates alternative visions, strategies and-actics. Generally speaking, protesters believe thatthe global financial institutions and agreementsthey make undermine local decision-makingmethods. Many governments and free tradeinstitutions are seen as acting for the good onlyof multinational corporations (e.g. Microsoft,Monsanto, etc). These corporations are seen ashaving privileges that most human beings do noteven have, such as moving freely across borders,extracting desired natural resources, and utilisinga diversity of human resources. They are thenable to move on after sometimes doing permanentdamage to the environment, the culture or theeconomy, in a manner impossible for that nationscitizens to actually do themselves. Activists alsoclaim that corporations impose a kind of globalmonoculture.Common targets include the World Bank(WB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF),the Organisation for Economic Co-operationand Development (OECD) and the World TradeOrganization (WTO). In light of the economic I f *gap between rich and poor countries, anti-globalists claim free trade will actually resultin strengthening the power of industrialisednations.Activists of the movement argue that, ifborders are opened to multinational corporations,they should be similarly opened to allow freeand legal circulation and choice of residence formigrants and refugees. These activists tend totarget organisations such as the InternationalOrganization for Migration and the SchengenInformation System.In 2003, many of those involved in themovement showed wide opposition to the warin Iraq. Many participants were among those 11million or more protesters that on the weekendof the 15th of February participated in globalprotests against the Iraq war and were dubbedthe worlds second superpower by an editorial in the New York Times. The economic and militaryissues are closely linked in the eyes of manywithin the movement.Despite the lack of formal co-ordinatingbodies, the movement manages to successfullyorganise large protests on a global basis, usinginformation technology to spread information.One argument often made by the opponentsof the anti-globalisation movement is that,although it protests about things that arewidely recognised as serious problems, suchas human rights violations, genocide and globalwarming, it rarely proposes detailed solutions.Some have also criticised the movement forengaging in violent or destructive protest. Ingeneral, movement leaders tend to encouragepeaceful protest as the more productive wayof getting attention and respect for their goals,although occasionally protests do turn violent.Tim eline of anti-globalists eventsJune 18, 1999 — Carnival against Capitalism worldwide, including London,England, and the USAJanuary 20, 2001 — Washington, D.C., President Bushs inaugurationJune 25, 2001 — Barcelona, Spain, World Bank protestsJuly 20, 2001 — Genoa, Italy, G8 summitSeptember 29, 2001 — Washington, D.C., Anti-capitalist anti-war protestsWeekend of February 15, 2003, March, April — Global protests againstIraq war about 12 million anti-war protestersMay 29 — June 3, 2003 — Evian, Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland, G8July 2 — July 8, 2005 — Scotland, Protests against the G8 SummitJune 2006 — Russia, St Petersburg, G8June 2, 2007 — 80,000 protest in Rostock ahead of the G8 Summit


Напишите анализ стихотворени Лермонтова нищийУ врат обители святойСтоял просящий подаяньяБедняк иссохший, чуть живойОт глада, жажды и страданья.Куска лишь хлеба он просил,И взор являл живую муку,И кто-то камень положилВ его протянутую руку.Так я молил твоей любвиС слезами горькими, с тоскою;Так чувства лучшие моиОбмануты навек тобою!пожелуйста)Зарание спасибо


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